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Worship is central for us each week. We gather to remember God’s Big Story and to find ourselves in it. We remember who and whose we are as the Body of Christ, empowered and gifted by the Holy Spirit.


Sunday Morning Traditional Service – 9:00-10:00 am


Thursday Nite Live!

Every Thursday evening at 7:04 p.m.
Join us for this intimate informal discussion-based worship experience featuring discussion, communion, and contemporary music film clips. This is led by lay pastor Shelly Bowles. We meet in the Sanctuary or the Prayer Garden on the south side of the church (or via Zoom if the weather or Covid are not cooperating). Contact Shelly for details 303-669-1968
Upcoming Services
Feb. 25         Second Sunday in Lent–Rev. Jessica Rooks, Colorado Front       
Range District Superintendent
March 3       Third Sunday in Lent “Temples”

Destroy this temple. Temples are amazing!  Jesus is just full of surprises. This scene in the Temple there in Jerusalem is quite unusual. Of all the things Jesus could have gotten publicly upset about and protested and resisted, He chose this injustice. They were making God’s (His Father’s) house a marketplace and turning the Jewish sacrificial system into a money making endeavor to fleece not just the lambs but the people also.  The Gospel writer equates the temple with the body of Jesus. The people want a miracle from him, to prove that God was behind his actions, and he wasn’t just a zealot or a maniac. He tells them in a typical cryptic answer that his death and resurrection will be that Sign, that Miracle. How many still think the message of Christ crucified is distasteful, even foolish and weak?     

March 10      Fourth Sunday in Lent “The Gospel in Two Words”

If you needed to share your faith, and share the Gospel in two words, what two words would they be?

March 17      Fifth Sunday in Lent “We Wish to See Jesus”
Special guests “The Jeffco Brass”

The Irish will be with us in worship today! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  In the Gospels, the Greeks who came asking for an audience with Jesus ran into some interference with Philip. He seems to have been caught off guard. Instead of saying yes, Philip wants backup. Philip goes to find Andrew.  This is an unusual request. It’s awkward.  There are Jewish laws about ritual uncleanness, and besides, Jesus is at risk, especially here in the crowds in Jerusalem. The disciples are probably all acting like bouncers at a party that’s gotten out of hand.  Have you ever been caught off guard when someone asked you for something, and you just weren’t sure how to answer?  If someone came to you and said, “Show us Jesus!,”  how might you answer?

March 24      Palm Sunday “What Are You Doing This?”
Why are you doing this?  Why are you a Christian? Why are you in church?

Can that be our answer to this question, about anything and everything we are doing? Because the Lord needs it thus.  It is a wonderful question for growing in self-awareness. Why am I doing this?

Let’s explore this question! Let’s celebrate our King, and the kingdom of God coming on Earth! Let’s celebrate that we are the kind of disciples who will dare to face opposition because we know Jesus has told us, he needs us to do something!

March 29      Good Friday Service “A Terrible Beautiful Day”

Jesus and the Terrible Horrible no good very bad day. Are you not a fan of Good Friday? Do you skip the whole thing? It is a traumatic story. I don’t blame you. God might need some help in the PR department, because the whole crucifixion is on one level such a terrible R rated story, that it is hard for a lot of people to like it or know they need it.

March 31      Easter Sunday

Easter– not just good news– the best news ever!

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